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Italian Attorney at FLEITAS



1006298p-1  The FLEITAS family is extremely happy to announce that Mr. Alessandro Conte, an Italian attorney certified by the Florida Bar as a Foreign Legal Consultant, has recently joined our firm!

Alessandro brings a new international touch to our firm.  Alessandro represents clients around the globe, who have Italian ancestors, and seek to obtain Italian citizenship (“Jure Sanguinis”).  Additionally, Alessandro assists clients with: Italian citizenship applications based on “Jure Matrimoni”; “Reacquisitions of Italian Cirizenship”; “Naturalization to a foreign country after August 16, 1992”: “Renounci[ation] of Italian Citizenship”; “Permesso di Soggiorno” (residency permit); and all kinds of Italian visas.

Moreover, Alessandro has acquired a unique skill-set in assisting Italian clients with the Treaty Transfer Program–an implementation of Public Law 95-144 (18 USC 4100 et seq.).  The Program authorizes the Director of the Bureau of Prisons to transfer inmates to or from foreign countries, pursuant to the conditions of the treaty agreement which allows for such transfers.  Given that Italy is one of several countries which participate in the Treaty Transfer Program with the United States, Alessandro is able to represent clients in the necessary processes and procedures, to effectuate these kinds of transfers in conjunction with Italian authorities.


INFO: (305) 442-1443. aconte@fleitaslaw.com



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