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Benefits of an Italian second passport


The benefits of being a dual citizen are immense as you have the rights from both countries, but everything boils down to the choice of countries. Here are some reasons why Italian second passports are trending in the US.

EU citizenship rights

Acquiring an Italian second passport opens you to EU citizenship rights, which means that you have the freedom to live and move across the territory of the Union. You can travel visa-free in the region, enjoy the right to vote, buy property, and work at jobs reserved only to Italians. You also get protection from the consular and diplomatic authorities of any EU Member State.

Free public education

Italian citizens have a right to free public education, which means that their children will get a quality education without spending anything. They can also study in the other EU nations, many of which offer education free of cost.

Free healthcare

Italy is known to have one of the best healthcare systems, and you get access to free Italian National Health Care on getting a second passport. You have peace of mind about the cost of treatment here, no matter how expensive they are.

Besides these tangible reasons, there is a lot more that makes Italy an attractive second passport country for Americans. Picturesque views, excellent weather, and a peaceful lifestyle make it an ideal place for people looking to start afresh after retirement. It also presents lucrative opportunities for those in the workforce. Entrepreneurs can start a business with ease, while families love secure and calm living.

Source: Why Italian Dual Citizenship Is Trending In the US, by Ernest Hamilton, Apr 30, 2021.

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