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Buying vs. Renting



Florida residents who are apprehensive about purchasing a home may be pleased to discover that doing so may be more affordable than they think. This is despite the increases in mortgage interest rates and home prices and the stiff competition from other buyers. Reports show it is less expensive to purchase a home than rent one in 66 percent of the counties in the United States. “The monthly rent amounts of three-bedroom apartments were compared to monthly house payments. The study showed that it was actually more affordable to purchase a home and have lower payments than when paying rent.” Says attorney Roberto Fleitas III. However, the affordability of getting a home may not last as interest rates are expected to continue to increase. If mortgage rates follow suit, it may become more affordable to rent a home than to buy one. You deserve an attorney who is going to give your case the personal touch and the attention it deserves. The Law Offices of Fleitas PLLC, takes care of their most important asset, YOU. 

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