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Articles Posted in Community Association Law


In the context of homeowners associations and condominium associations, an estoppel letter is a document that provides the buyer with the details of the assessments charged by the association.  It prevents the association from later claiming sums that are not reflected in the estoppel letter.


Neighborhoods form unique and dynamic communities filled with many people living close together. Sometimes the members of the group are friendly and don’t fight over boundaries or excessive noise. But sometimes people just can’t get along. “In almost every community, there are laws and ordinances that prohibit excessive, unnecessary and unreasonable levels of noise. Most of the time, these laws are enforced by the police. Sometimes the only way to resolve these matters is through the legal system.” Says attorney Roberto Fleitas III. Sometimes a nuisance animal or neighbor who plays loud music can be taken care of by consulting your local laws on noise ordinances. You can start your search about the noise laws in your area on the internet.  If you do have to take your case to court, you will want an experienced lawyer on your side.  You deserve an attorney who is going to give your case the personal touch and the attention it deserves. The Law Offices of Fleitas PLLC, takes care of their most important asset, YOU. 

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