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Italian Citizenship by Investment


If you are a foreign citizen and wish to immigrate to Italy for investment purposes, you must look to obtain citizenship by investment, i.e., Golden Visa for Italy. This is a program launched by the Italian government to attract foreign investment. In this, foreign citizens can opt for permanent residence. Although it targets non-EU citizens, the idea is to attract investors with higher net worth who can possibly contribute to the Italian economy and community.

There are various ways to enter the country through investment. You can either opt for the Investor Visa Program (Also known as the golden visa for Italy) and the StartUp Program (This is further divided into Italia Startup Visa and StartUp Hub).

As per Decree-Law no. 34, the minimum amount was reduced by 50% for foreign investors. The change took place keeping in mind the urgent health measures, economic changes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. So, here’s what you must have if you want to apply for the program.

  • For innovative start-ups – €250,000

  • For companies that are already operating in Italy- €500,000

  • Government Bonds – €2 million

  • Philanthropic donations for culture, education, research, and so on- €1 million (minimum).

Other than the amount, you must comply with the following as well-

  • You must be at least 18 years of age at the start of the application procedure.

  • You must be clean of any criminal records and in good health (you will have to add necessary documents to prove that.

You can also look for cheaper options, such as an entrepreneur visa, or self-employment residence permit. Since every visa has its fair share of ups and downs, it is better to opt for Italian citizenship assistance to avoid any legal issues thereafter.

Source: The State Journal, Sponsored Content February 1, 2021, updated February 4, 2021.

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