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What is a Partition Action?


You decided to buy a house, condo or piece of land with someone else but can’t agree what to do with it. Negotiations have gotten nowhere. So what happens now?  That’s where a partition action may be in order.  It allows parties to divide the property into individual shares among the owners, allowing them  to move forward independently. “A partition, or division, of property can be arranged on a voluntary basis if all owners agree to it. However, if they don’t agree, a judge can order a partition of the property based on one owner’s request.” says attorney Roberto Fleitas III. There are two types of legal partitions, an actual partition and a partition by sales. It’s important to discuss the aspects of your case with an experienced real estate attorney. The Law Offices of Fleitas PLLC, give your case the personal touch and the attention it deserves. 



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